About us

Arvand Industrial Group has started its activity in 1338 in the field of production of office chairs and during this period has succeeded in gaining a prominent position among the activists of this industry, so that it has succeeded in receiving the award of the best quality for many years from the Office Furniture Exporters Union It has been an effective and fruitful effort of this group.
In the meantime, the presence of honest and professional staff, who have always been a sure support for the continued success of the group, is a valuable asset that will determine the increasing success of the future to serve the development and welfare of our Islamic homeland.

Mission Statement

The goal of Arvand Company at the beginning of its establishment in 1338 was to meet the needs of the community for office chairs and domestically produced amphitheater, which became the first manufacturer of office chairs in Iran.

The company considers its mission to produce office chairs with the highest quality and design standards, and for this purpose, one of its activities is to reproduce the world's leading chair models with the same original quality.

No matter where, when and how people work, helping them increase their productivity is the main goal of Arvand Industrial Complex.

The vision of this company is to become the largest manufacturer and exporter of office and amphitheater furniture in Iran with the highest standards in the world.

Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards


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