Product description


At the end of a busy workday, despite fatigue and physical stress, the user is looking for a way to relieve fatigue and re-absorb positive energy

Armchairs or furniture are one of the tools that can help the user in this matter
Beautiful and elegant design with a combination of modernity and classic, metal and wood, nature and technology are the characteristics of Evolution armchairs

The Evolution Series (1740) chair also has a separate footrest (1742) for user comfort



Technical Specifications


Has a movable back with the ability to adjust the angle by a metal button on the body
360-degree rotation of the seat also has a Revers Auto mechanism (return the seat to its original position after getting up from it)
Has a very comfortable backrest and headrest with observing ergonomic principles
The internal structure is made of metal
The floor frame is made of beech wood with different covers in various colors
Evolution series is produced with the base made of very durable aluminium

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